FS: Gnarwhal, Boss, and FH2010s

Hey guys. Not new to BST just to let you know.

Shipping is NOT included. Shipping is $6!


CLYW Gnarwhal- Not really looking to get rid of it, but it needs a better home. There are a few marks and scratches here and there, only 2 you can feel. Despite the cosmetic, it is the smoothest yoyo in my collection. I actually am over exaggerating the marks. Nothing bad. Only reason they are there because it was what I used for 5a for a while. $84

Pair of FH2010’s- Both red/green. Green side has a couple barely noticeable factory marks. Red I think is mint. One is responsive. One is unresponsive. Good for 3a. Only sell as a pair for $17

YoYoFactory Boss- Has a Vibe that doesn’t effect play. Blue/Yellow Splash. One mark. Plays very good despite the vibe. Stable. 34

Pics for serious offers

Thanks for looking,

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