FS/FT: YYF G5+ and YYF GM2 LE Blue color! LF: $ or trades (PRICE DROP C:)


Hey guys, I have two throws up for sale or trade. I’m not looking for a ton of money, so feel free to offer away. These things play pretty nicely but aren’t perfect.

G5+: One pinprick and some wobble while spinning felt on grinds Around $40ish
GM2 Blue: Same as G5+, but more small marks around the edges Around $35ish
Prices aren’t set, so you can offer a bit lower if you want. Take 'em both for $70 shipped.

Both have some vibe. But because of this, I’m willing to let them go for pretty cheap! Offer away!

Here they are:

I’m also looking for a few things:

  1. Peaks - anything, any color, I prefer mint, but I’m also looking for a beat up painted Peak
  2. OG BvsM (Blue/Pink/Gold)
  3. Offer anything! :smiley:

1 and 2 are rare, so go ahead and offer anything you want to. Cash is king though.

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