FS/FT: Yoyorecreation (YYR) Attune, ILYY E1NS


PLEASE READ: For sale (Paypal only) or trade. All yoyos play excellent and have anything notable (damage, vibe) already listed below (please read read read). Thanks!!

If you want to see supersized photos, click on my flickr stream url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/bkilling/[/url].

YYR Attune. Purchased direct from YYR by me, then custom anodization for me by Gruntbull. beauty. a few very small flat spots (hard to photo). Has YYR box. $100–>$90

ILYY E1NS. cool little yoyo. has noticeable vibe but is still a player. damage pictured. $35–>$30


Lynx is SOLD

ILYY Lynx. fans of the Peak take note… this has a similar powerful play and float. beautiful and really smooth! 1 small mark on rim (pictured). Has ILYY velvet pouch.

Eh is SOLD

SPYY Eh. Eh…what? you know… first run of the Eh! gently used and pretty much “mint”. I really really hope this goes to a good home… I kept the original hand-twisted string from Ed (keep in mind it is used by me) and will include it.

Sakura is SOLD

ILYY Sakura. an undersized a non-undersized fan (me) can like. stable and great. 1 large pinprick (in photo), and a couple smaller pinpricks. Has ILYY velvet pouch.

Josy Ann is SOLD

ILYY Josy Ann. unique feeling yoyo. big but very light. feels like playing a metal FHZ to me. :slight_smile: 2 noticeable scratches on rim (pictured) $45

El Ranchero is SOLD

SPYY El Ranchero. has centre trac. beautiful yoyo, beautiful player. flat spot on each rim (pictured, hard to see). Has box. $70–>$60


ILYY Nile prototype v2. awesome yoyo. has METRIC KK. plays killer. love it! Mint. ano has some bleed but that is how it came and it looks dope. Has ILYY velvet pouch.


bump, I’m here to move aluminum and make deals…offer! :slight_smile:


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