FS/FT yoyo,iPod, beat headphones

Looking to get rid of these items, for yoyos or money either works. Just not interested in them anymore. The dv888 is near mint. Headphones are “like new” and in great condition, iPod is used doesn’t come with cord.


Just a heads up, these are NOT Authentic beats headphones. The clips for folding on these are plastic, when they aren’t supposed to be. Plus, the colors on authentic beats do not go onto the inside of the headrest.

The real ones look like this

These are chinese copies, worth about $12-25

That’s probably why he has like 6 pairs

they ARE the $25 replicas but they are nearly as good, same look and almost same design completely and they are same listening quality. Look at reviews online, here is the 1st one i found.

I have LOTS of headphones, and when I saw a pair of these on an unnamed website, I had to pick up a pair. They sound very close to the real thing (not that the real thing is amazing or anything to begin with because beats are actually pretty bad considering the price, but I digress), the only difference is in feel and build quality. While I stick with my senns, they’re a nice little novelty to have imo.

On topic though, you really should have stated that these are replicas, as not doing so comes across as a bit shady.