FS/FT Turning Point Houska Dry [SOLD]

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This is a chill little organic, it just doesn’t get much play from me lately. A little scuffing from being a daily pocket cary, but no bad damage. Originally came with a flat bearing, can put it back if you want. 9.5/10 smooth

Asking $45 shipped CONUS PayPal only. It retailed for $70 originally IIRC. Make me an offer!

Will trade for:

Peak 2

Let me know if you want more pics. Will also throw in some extras to compensate for value diff. Pm me, let’s talk

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Why bump this after only 5 hours since the last one?

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Well, what’s proper bumping etiquette?


Not… every five hours? Once every day, and last time I checked a day is defined as 24 hours, seems sufficient?

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Mmmmkay. Thanks for breaking it to me easy, dad.

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Bump 10 minimum

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Now accepting offers


If I bid one dollar and everyone else overbids, do I win? :money_mouth_face:

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Nobody likes a good


joke, eh? WHATEVS

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I just used the wrong terminology, lol. I didn’t mean to say bid I meant to say offer. Oh, and your joke kind of blew my mind. I didn’t really know what to think about it haha

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Price drop