FS: OG Yeti, Borealis, Crucial Fresh Milk, Yeti2

Please pm me with offers. If you’re buying or sending money as part of a trade, I only accept Paypal.

[s]WANTS(in no particular order)
Bolded means I’m looking to pick one up. Regular just means I’m interested in it.

OneDropyoyos: Code 2, Valor, Markmont. Classic,
YYR: Acrophobia, Blink, StarGeyser, Sleipner, Fragment, Uragment,
VsNYYC: Moonwalker, Septopus, Flying Hut

CLYW: Chief (Dragon, 1st run Gold, 1st run Blue, 1st run Silver, Foxy Moss, Minty Mint Mint, Cryo, Grey Bip Bop, Black Bip Bop, Blue Bip Bop, Black with Pink Speckle, Musket, Latitude 53, Clareview Station, Black with Brown Speckle, Petr Kavka Whale Edition, Nightingale)

Canvas : Only looking for a Raised By Wolves edition or a Dingkface

Other CLYW I’m interested in: Arctic Circle 2[/s]

Only for sale:

Fresh milk has two dings and slight vibe. 60$50 shipped

Yeti 2 is undamaged, no box. 15$ shipped

+1 Dark Grey Yeti has two scuffs, slight vibe. The bearing posts on the spacers have been sanded so the bearing doesn’t get stuck. 55$ shipped

Ash Berry Borealis has two tiny scuffs that don’t break ano, very smooth, I just throw my other borealis more. $85 shipped



Updated, 888 added

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free bump… i like the shape of the 888. the subtle h wing is my thing! i really dont care too much about dings or even vibe. i dont have a camera, and this might be my first trade. sorry! and i hope we can do buissness!

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888 Pending, that was fast


Hah why are you bumping this for me? Thanks anyways.



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