FS/FT: Tropic Spins, YYF, OD, G2, CLYW, etc. LF: Nintendo Switch!


I decided to update by BST to put more throws on the market. Recently started playing smash bros. way more often, so I’m looking to buy or trade for a Switch. Yo-Yo prices are listed next to their description below.

I only included the group pic, but DM me for close-up pictures of dings and/or videos of vibe.

Going from top to bottom, left to right:

Tropic Spins Arcadia (x3):

Two blue production run throws and one black prototype. Blue one very top left has small vibe, blue one in the middle is smooth with a few small dings, black one is smooth with a few small scratches on the rim. $75 each (production), $65 (prototype) OBO

CLYW Summit (SOLD)

Super smooth, two small sings along the rim. $85 OBO

Tropic Spins Finch (SOLD):

Purple production run TSYC Finch. Mint and smooth. $75 OBO.
Silver Finch Prototype. Several scratches and dings around the rim. Small vibe. $50 OBO.

YYC Spectrum:

Gold YoyoCommunity Spectrum. Super old and super rare throw. Still in fairly good condition, a scratch on the rim and that’s about it. $85 OBO.

OneDrop Gradient:

Red OneDrop Gradient. Smooth, a few small dings. $90 OBO.

TropicSpins Oasis (UNRELEASED):

TropicSpins unreleased throw, the Oasis. 1 of 10. No dings but a few ano flaws. $80 OBO.


Near-Mint Brown and Orange Aftershock IN BOX. Smooth. $110 OBO.
Should mention: the ding on this aftershock is hardly noticeable, so much so I’d like to call this mint. Pic below:

TropicSpins Shipwreck Prototype:

TSYC Shipwreck prototype. Smooth, lots of scratches along outer rim. $70 OBO.

YYF Superstar:

YYF Bimetal superstar. Smooth, wear and tear along the stainless steel rims. $85 OBO.

OneDrop Cascade:

OneDrop cascade. Slight vibe, a few dings. $65 OBO.

YYF Superwide:

Red YYF Superwide. Dings around the edge, smooth. $50 OBO.

OneDrop 54:

Red OneDrop 54. A few small dings, smooth like butter. $60 OBO.

For the bottom row, I’ll take $25-$40 per throw.

It goes Protostar (vibe, some dings) (SOLD), Regen (mint), Shaqulerstar (mint) (SOLD), Whimsy ROAR (mint).


Just a friendly FYI, the super star is Stainless Steel rims, not ti


Thanks! My mistake.



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Bump! Protostar and Shaqulerstar GONE!



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Bump! Updated price on Aftershock

you have any close ups of the scuffs? any vibe?

For which yoyo?

the summit?


Hey man I’ll offer you $50 for the OD 54, PM’d you

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