FS/FT Taking offers on most of my collection only CLYW left!

Ok so I’m looking for what kind of offers I can get on some of the stuff in my case but I’m in no hurry to do so either. I am now waiting till nightime to respond to my PM’s, this way everyone will be considered at once and have a fair shot at there item of choice. I have extra CW, String, and I can cleanse a bearing or two if it means getting a better offer. Alright onto the throws:
Pics are on my flickr if you cannot view them I will be happy to email you detailed pictures

Phenom: Gone
Phenomizm 24k: Pending
Raptor: Pending
Canvas: Gone
Code 2: Gone
Genesis: Modded by yoyospirit, has satined rims, spiked axle, two tone blue/green small vibe doesn’t affect play.
If something is NOT listed above do NOT offer for it!
I also have a mint Zach Gormley Sasqautch and a b-grade Avalanche with a few marks, I’ll email pics for serious real offers

Bump having some good offers roll in! Keep them coming!
Also don’t offer on anything not listed it’s probably not listed for a reason.

Can you Consider my Protostar for something? Link for pics is in my Signature thingy.

Not too interested in a Protostar, sorry.

Sorry about that Vegabomb! I was meant to edit not bump ;D
Code 2, Canvas, and Phenom are gone!

Bump offer some $ if you don’t want to trade!

Baby got bump!

Is that DNA or mutant DNA?

How much do u want the dark sonic for?

Can I have the Phenomizm for $45?

Can u send me the picture of the moded genesis? my email is puthip06264@gmail.com

Hold your horses buddy, no need to spam the thread my inbox works just as well, please reformat your offer in a PM please :slight_smile:


I may close this soon grab em while you can!


Gonna close this at the end of the weekend. LF anything that uses CLYW double rims, I have unlisted CLYW in my case.