Need to sell soon- Best offers take em PENDING


wants - CASH offers i need to pay bills

1st row: Saskatoon berry Chief(GONE), Oil spill Chief(GONE), northern lights puffin 2, 1 of 1 polka dot quake

2nd row: Ashberry BVM2, Clear with polished rims summit, Purple with gold rims Sturm panzer stealth ogre, Turning point positron 2 purple with blue speckles

3rd row: ninja hurdles Arctic Circle,

4th row: Blue powder coated Majesty- 2 pin pricks, Northern lights Bonfire

all are mint unless noted most have boxes but not all
don’t be afraid to ask for pics of something thanks for looking!


Buyer backed out PRESTIGE back up for sale offer away you guys!


Bumped with prices as requested


keep offering you guys I’m loving it so far




Bump keep sending those offers guys!


BUMP!!! keep offering you guys im loving it so far


BUMPSKI cash is king offer up I might just say yes


Prestige earth edition quake summit tross and Yeletz are all pending !


Bumpski make me some package deals offer!!




pm’d you


bump ski bring me a puffin 2








BUY my stuff please!


Anyone want some goodies?? ;D


Interested in a trade for a mint one drop code 1?