Hey there! I need to get some new throws so i am putting most of my collection for sale or trade.

IMPORTANT: If you are trading with me you are shipping priority mail because it is not fair that you ship first class for less than $2.00 and i pay $6.00 for priority (i will not have my dad throw asian rage at me again).

If you are buying make sure to add $3.50 for shipping


Don’t want
beat yoyos
old bi- metal models
no yomega

Lastly are my sunsets which were in my other bst
Great loopers but they are too fast for me both have one tiny scratch but does not affect play
$30.00 for both

Northstar- Traded
Protostar- Traded
Jk- Traded
Dv888- traded

anything here you will trade for a pgm? it has a new bearing in it.

no thanks

You cannot MAKE someone ship Priority. That is ridiculous. Nobody is making you ship Priority. You have the option of shipping First Class if you have your own box…

bump protostar and northsatr are no longer pending

Are the stars still available? I can trade my genesis now





would u trade the sunsets for and aquarius?
pm me if maybe.