FS/FT: Recess Joyride (1st run) + Mod44 Rims (custom dyed) - StringLab Nytro+ | LF: Polycarb & Steel!

Hey yo, more yoyos gotta go!
I’ve been trying to adopt a more clutter-free lifestyle to an extent and trying to learn to part with things that do not take priority in my life as much as they used to. So, this is why we’re here, yet again. :laughing: This is what’s currently up for grabs!

As always, prices / trades are negotiable. I always include shipping in the price, so please take that into consideration as well.

what i want

:money_with_wings: Cash is king :money_with_wings:

  • Freshly Dirty Mod44 (any condition, just the hubs or complete package, i don’t care)
  • Freshly Dirty Mod44 Rims (Supersport, Coupe, Hatchback, etc.)
  • Freshly Dirty Mod44 Polycarb shells and /or Steel shells
  • Duncan AL Freehand 1

What I have

Freshly Dirty | Mod44 Rims | Cruiser style - TWO sets! $13 for white and $18 for the dyed set. Prices include shipping. ( will trade for different shells )

I have two sets of brand spanking new - in - mint condition Cruiser rims for the Modular 44, and they have your name written all over them! One set is white and the other is custom dyed by me. They are an aqua blue-green color with a custom mask. I don’t like the size so I thought maybe someone out there might be interested in them. I’d be willing to trade for other mod44 rims. I’m open to all offers except for the big rig.

I really want the polycarb shells and of course the limited steel.

StringLab Nytro+ String (5pack) - Night Life color - Trade
I won these recently in a forum contest and unfortunately they just aren’t my cup o’ tea. StringLab is one of my favorite string brands so I was super excited to give them a try but they are just too thick for my liking. So, I would like to trade for something else. I wouldn’t feel right selling them since they were a prize. I’m open to pretty much anything of equal value. I’m just not into really thick fluffy strings. I like crunchy stuff a bit more. (Chaos 422 used to be my jam!)

Open to anything at all though, just nothing super thick please. Shoot me an offer! :+1:

Recess - Joyride - Asking $35 - Shipped (negotiable)
These are super-duper fun. I’ve had a few of them and traded them all off except for this one. I’ve been holding onto it because it was the first one from the very first release. Unfortunately, I’m just not playing it. So I figured I’d let it go to someone who might enjoy it more. It’s got a couple prickles on one half, again, from my keys. I really need to quit doing that! - there’s also some ano rub on the inner hub, nothing effects play.


Really nice post :wink:

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Yea I want to learn how to do this lol


Pm sent

The Quiz can still be purchased new, btw.


Mantis = gone!

Oh for sure! I’d rather trade for it if I could just that way I’m not out of money if I dislike it and worry about recouping the cost.

Post updated. Forgot to mention that the price is totally negotiable and was a ballpark guess on what it’s worth.

price reduced

Ribbit :frog:

It’s Frriiiiiiidaaaaay!

Post updated - Wants list changed a bit.


Added some Mod44 rims up for sale or trade. 2 pair of the cruisers. Get at em!

Friday = Pizza day! + price adjustment


What time is it?

Shucks the weekend is almost over :slightly_frowning_face:

Post updated. Added some dyed Mod44 shells.


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