Fs/Ft: Pistolero, DNA, Heavy Hitter 3, SPYY Pro


Lots of stuff for sale/trade.

Must have paypal

Prefer shipping within the US and maybe Canada.

Looking for:
-Irony JP 2012 (2013)
-Mr Butcher
-Puffin 2
-Chief (depends on the color)
-biggest of all paypal cash (gift preferred).

DNA: Pristine condition. Thrown very little, dead smooth. $45

Pistolero: looks incredible. Has a maybe 2 or 3 small nicks. $60

Pro: Has a scratch, a ding, and maybe a flat spot or 2. Plays great. $55

Chico Heavy Hitter 3: thrown a little. Not really my thing. Completely mint with box $60

Let me know what you like!



Prestige Gone


I PM’d about the wrath…

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