FS/FT: One Drop 1to1, One Drop Virtuoso (black) | L/F: OD, PDX, Freshly, Half Swap, Razer Phone. etc

Updating this post. Here are a few things that I’m currently parting with. I am willing to sell or possibly trade it. I would prefer to sell but I know that’s not always possible. If you have anything in my wants list and it’s over the value of what I have available I may be willing to add a little cash or adjust the trade to make it fair. As always my prices include shipping within the US. Prices are also negotiable.



PS4 - CUH-1215a model or newer
Razer Phone

Willing to add cash if I need to


Sugar Glider
Mantra - goon edition
Canary - yellow only
Swamp Monster
Moldy Bread


One Drop - 1to1 - Downbeat (color) - $69 :sunglasses: Shipped

This thing is super cool looking and the overall concept is pretty darn awesome! Unfortunately for me it’s not really what I’m into shape wise. I JUST received it this past Saturday so it’s mint as heck! I’ve thrown it 4 times over carpet and decided it’s not what I’m looking for… I have reduced the price from retail for this color + shipping is included in the price.

One Drop - Virtuoso - Black - $69 :sunglasses: -

(would be interested in a trade for different color or half swap!)
Just received this one as well. I really dig it, but I don’t dig the black. I’d be willing to trade for a different color, or would be willing to do a half swap or something. If you want to trade for it or buy it, that’s cool too. Need better pictures? Let me know.


PLSTC = Gone

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Man, if you have an offer for $22 over retail you should take that quick, as One Drop has a bunch more of these on the way soon.


Shh… you tryin’ to ruin the man’s sale?! :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Post updated.

Indeed. They were out of stock when I first posted it for sale. My sales are always OBO / negotiable.


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Hey there bud, if you don’t like the man’s prices just keep pushing. No need to ruin his chances at making a sale. If someone wants one bad enough they can look up retail for themselves.


You are right. That was very rude of me :(. I’m sorry @cowmamba. I hope everything sells for you.

I’ve deleted my post, even though I’m fully aware that damage has already been done :frowning:


Don’t sweat it! It’s all good! Post updated :+1:



If you’re looking to purchase straight from retail, Mark Mont just put up some Sugar Gliders on his store. It’s a rad Underpriced throw.

Prices updated for the holiday for the heck of it!

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Hungry for a deal?

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