FS/FT: Mint YYF Monster. Lots of wants!

I have a mint in tube green YYF Monster that I really like, but might get rid of for the right offer. I know alot of my wants are worth more than my yoyo so I can add cash or another yoyo. Also damage is fine as long as it is somewhat smooth. I love B grades to so dont be afraid to offer.


CLYW- Avalanche, Sasquatch, Gnarwhal, Wooly Markmont, Galactic Goose

YYF- Mutant DNA, Supernova, special edition Superstars

YYR-Overdrive, Sleipnir, Dreadnought (I can give you a good deal for any of these)

OD-Code 1

VsNYYC-Battosai, Skywalker

General yo-Torrent 2

Offer whatever, the worst I can say is no thank you. And once again I know alot of my wants are worth alot more than the Monster, I will add.I have more feedback on another site to :wink:

Pics please i have a super G

I’ve got a NQP CODE 1 (Red/B-Grade because of Anno Flaw, perfectly Smooth, 10-ball bearing). I’ll trade ya for the monster.



i have a purple gold splash supernova that i would do but you would have to add something else

no pix. :wink: