FS/FT *mint* John Ando SS


Hay guys, I have a mint w/ box limited edition Black w/ Gold splash John Ando SS, also with clear hubstacks. It plays perfectly and everything, but It is a little big for my liking. I bought this for $140, so I would like to break about even, I don’t mind losing a little though. PM me and I can send you pics. I would like to sell for around $120ish, I would also trade it for a mint 888x, but I would perfer Cash. I have been scammed before, so I would like to be payed first if you don’t have a very high trade count.

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how much would it cost to ship it to sg?


I’m guessing around $30, for International shipping you need to tell me what kind you want, extra services and stuff like that.

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u posting pics? k dumb question i know its mint ;D

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btw where did you get it from? i cant find a black gold splash anywhere ???


probably when they were in stock

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