(PutridNebula) #15

I don’t know if you know or not but that 888x b grade MIGHT be a bit overpriced now, because I believe at Worlds they were going for $20. I don’t know if that was a special thing or not but I figured I would let you know for you to consider. I am not interested, I am just trying to be helpful :smiley: Nice throws :smiley:

(Ariq) #19

you are youyi frm swx forum right? and is this in SG dollars or USD?


Ill also point out for you can get a mint superstar for less than your selling a used one. I understand this covers shipping overseas, but some of these prices are a little ridiculous.


i will give somethin more like 30 cuz it is a b grade and they go for 20 in worlds


i will trade a dark magic or a genesis since its b grade

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