Found - please close!

Anyone have one sitting in there case they’d consider selling? I’d really like to get hands on a black/ purple one. Doesn’t need to be mint. I’d start at $100 for one in good condition and go higher for near mint.

Long shot, I know, but definitely on my “grail” list.







Couldn’t find any damage maybe a couple flat spots but nothing breaks ano and they look more like factory done than damage. Smooth like dead smooth.

It’s hard for me to get rid of an ILYY.

I’ll take a Mint Splash Akita(bbb Akita mint or vnm= auto), or a 7075 Hulk Smash Chief that is pretty damn smooth, other rare Cheifs, ofc I’ll add for a Blasted Draupnir or a Overdrive Draupnir.

Or $125 PayPal if you are from USA. I think w prices so high to ship lets split it $4 each.

I’m sure you are well known around here. I will send first if you feel better. I’m not saying it cant have 1 pinpricks on it its VNM ok?

Or I’ll take a cheaper 60-70 CLYWs + some

I know Lios don’t show up all the time but there less lios candyblasted than not.

Other trades I’ll take a Mint Noctu 2010 or Noctu 2020

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Hello? Btw I didnt look but if its international shipping you are covering it sorry jist my new rule.

Hello! I am boxing your Lip. Don’t woery about sending PayPal till you get a tracking number.

Gonna try to ship 4 things tmrw!