FS/FT: Mint Eternal Throw Victory LF: show me what you have! No YYF or YYJ.

I have a mint ET Victory for trade. nothing is wrong with it, its just a little heavy for me. This throw is dead smooth, it is even smoother than my CLYW. I looked everywhere on it and i cant find any damage or any physical blemishes. There’s a really good bearing in there but I don’t know what it is. I would love any CLYW, especially an H5xChief, I wouldn’t mind a God Tricks Cyclone as well. I would also be ok with multiple throw offers. I’ll consider all offers but i only want trades. No YYF or YYJ though, I have enough of those. PM me price offers and trade offers, moneys a little tight right now, so i can only ship within the main 48 states unless you want to cover shipping to wherever you may be. this is a really good throw, I just don’t need it anymore.


Offers!!! the worst i can do is say no! dont worry i dont bite!

Glacier Express*****************
Anything CLYW

Markmont classic

anything really!

Eternal Throw