FS/FT- MIB orange sOMEThING Angle - $105 shipped: or looking for a Gnarwahl 1

For sale: I have a mint, with the box, orange colorway, sOMEThING Angle for sale for only $105 ppd. (shipped). If you have never thrown an Angle, then you really have been missing out. As with all the sOMEThING yoyos, it is a step above most everything else that is out there- in my opinion. I have two orange Angles, so my excess, is your good fortune, because you can by this one for more than a $50 savings. This yoyo is as pristine as a brand new one. Depending on what colorway, I would consider trading even-up for a mint CLYW Gnarwhal version 1. If you are interested, please pm me, email me at greycloud@comcast.net, or text or call me at 612 913-2364. Thanks! SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! Photos to follow shortly.

interested, email sent. : )