FS/FT: Markmont: Classic, YoYoEmpire Rainfly, B-Grade YYF 888, all for $100!


One Drop MMC- Black Smoke. two marks on the rims, one slight marring in the ano due to hitting my laminate floor. $60
YoYoEmpire Rainfly-Rainbow. Near Mint, and Smooth. $40
YYF B-grade 08 888. B-grade for ano flaws. $25

Buy it all for $100

MORE PICS: https://www.flickr.com/…/31020109@…/albums/72157633427750810

Wants: iYoYo Steel, G2 Marvel, CLYW Bonfire, Scout, 2014 Sassy. Summit (in a good colorway) Elysian, open to other offers. Message if interested.


bump, lets get these sold people…

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