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What are you not sure of exactly? The box statement was meant to imply that whether the machining was done in this country or not is irrelevant to the quality.

I’m not sure what elites sell for. I don’t know what you mean by my pricing exactly, you lost me there.

I was trying to throw my two cents in that G2 yoyos are quality products, regardless of countries and whatnot. Seems that wasn’t well received so disregard my opinion.


Those two Elites are listed at the same price as when they were new from the G2 store. They are a bit more expensive than the other solid colors because of the fade ano.

G2s generally hold their value very well, so most owners can usually expect to get retail pricing or better when sold on the aftermarket. That being said, I’ve always had bad luck trying to sell Elites, new and old, for their retail price. They just don’t seem to move like the other models.

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TeeJay, I appreciate your trying to educate me and I’m thankful for your opinion. My comment was not to provoke a QC/TOL location tiff or squabble. I won’t go into my experience of machining or my credentials. This has gone from a simple but serious question from me wondering why these G2’s are more than they were when they were sold, and the going price for eBay, with all consideration of them being made in china. I brought up outsourcing to China thinking maybe these were American made and I didn’t know it. l’ve always loved G2 designs and have been watching the market for a new or mint in box unopened, I’m not a collector, but players and collectors alike i assume would prefer a product from Jake than from someone who Jake sold a yoyo to who is selling it for more than its retail with the added value of having interaction with the owner and creator of the design. I’m new around here and learning protocol and appreciate the kindness I’ve received.

Regardless of quality control and high standards, where it was manufactured will always, always weigh in on a consumer purchase. I’ve seen the Chinese YYF thread and was disappointed the see the current state of manufacturing and the companies putting other companies down. Yoyofactory had said, (rough recollection) : You want to point your finger at us for high dollar premiums for Chinese manufacturing but how about c3 and their mark up." Well to this I say: …they are a Chinese? A Chinese company producing Chinese yoyos, Topyo same thing. Japan, Italy, Germany, France, (almost all countries) all produce exquisite quality in their machining. I particularly pay attention to the nuances and differentiation that the location of origin is known for. If I buy a Turning Point its going to be made in Japan, I can pay to 260.00 for premium made in japan or 160.00 for a model that is outsourced doubling offering open lucidity about manufacturing and cheaper outsourcing makes it clear you are paying for the experience and the reputability of the company who is approving of the quality and proficiency of outsourced product. Companies that come to a point in which they look for a way to continue to grow or even stay alive and decide to make their premium products to be outsourced and make that decision when the time comes. This does affect quality and can be better than the Local or country of origin. The community seems to be over saturated with hobbiest who want to build their dream yo-yo in their favorite color way. contact FPM or MFG and do their run of 30 yo-yo’s slapping their brand on it or just paying FPM to brand it and trying to sell it so they break even. I’m more interested in the design and who made the design. G2 is successful because of Jake, his passion and work ethic. He sells product, over and over model after model. Premium is worth any price tag, if its worth it.

Thanks for the help.


First off, thanks to everyone for all the free bumps!

To respond to your comments regarding the prices I set…

You may have missed when initially listed the yoyos in question, I really don’t want to sell them. I listed them to help pay for something that came up, but it was a half-hearted effort, as I really don’t want to let them go. The price reflects more what it would take for me to part with them, rather than what I feel they’re worth.

A second consideration is the difficultly to obtain a G2. While I’m sure we would all like to give our money directly to Jake, that isn’t always possible. I still sit waiting on drops that I don’t always score on. Never mind that these are retired now.

Lastly, this is more of a question/observation… regardless of where something is manufactured, why something is priced as it is, why feel the need to comment? I can understand if you don’t like the prices, there’s plenty of listings I look and and keep moving. But I never feel the need to jump on and question them, hoping to possibly shame them to lower their prices?

In the end, these toys are only worth what the next guy is willing to pay for them. Thanks :grin:


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Just curious is the 2018 pelican tooled by one drop? Or is it a different throw you ha e made by them?

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I have had many machined by them. I don’t like to release which specific shop anymore because if I have issues I don’t want it publicly to go back to that shop.

18 pelican was machined in the USA. 19 was machined overseas


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