FS/FT: Luftverk, G2, CLYW, YYF, YYR Rebellion, Apathy, YYB Purple Yoyo


Looking to sell/trade the following. Payment is PayPal f&f (add fee for g&s). Please add $4 for shipping (unfortunately USPS just raised their rates)

LF: Other G2’s: wolves, marvels, tritons, elites… not looking for banshees or other warthogs. Must be mint, box and goodies a plus. I’ll include what you include.

Package deal: Take GenXS and Overthrow for $60

Luftverk Evora Purple Glass Dust - $350 NMTBS, with original box. Between the G2 Ti-Banshee and the Ti-Vayder coming out, I need to raise funds, so out with old… Willing to hear reasonable offers. No trades.

G2 Reaper Teal/Clear - see above trades. Mint, slight vibe, nothing up the string. No box, but I’ll toss it in a koozie.

Yoyo Bros. Purple Yoyo - $50 b-grade for tiny engraving flaw in the heart and fingernail vibe in rims. Includes box, 1 sticker and certificate (string and heart sticker are gone).

G2 Warthog Freedom Speckle - $100 glitch for ano (some of the white speckles are not solid); plays smooth. Box and all extras included. Pending

Apathy - $50 One off design by David McEvoy off of the FB BST. 7068 Al with stainless ring, has new CTX bearing.

YYF GenXS Blue/Purple - $35 MIB. Brand new out of the mystery box, unplayed.

YYF Overthrow Red w/ black rims - $40 MIB. Thrown once over carpet.

YYR Rebellion Start The Riot Purple w/ gold rims- $65 NMTBS, slight vibe.

(Cruz Quintana ) #8

Pm’d You (bump)

(Victorian YoYos) #10

Nice Kodiak.

(Joshua) #11

So the g2’s 2018’s are made in China?

What about the pelican?

(Thomas Bellotti) #12

Pretty sure Pelican was machined in China too. It’s one of their latest releases 2018 and 2019) so post move to machining there.

Honestly though, that should be as relevant as where the carbowrd for the box was sourced from…

Not only has Asian manufacturing gotten much much better, but Jake (the owner of G2) is awesome with the quality control-almost to the point of obsessive. You’re not going to get a throw from them with any flaw that you might attribute to Chinese production. They’ve earned their reputation as far as I can tell.

I’m very new to this hobby, but I’ve got 2 banshees, both 2018, both made in China, and I promise you theyre definitely not wonky or cheap feeling at all. They’re probably my favorite out of my collection. I’ve got a 2sick, a One Drop, one from Recess, and about 10 other yoyos, and none of them, although some are made in this country, are any different in quality than my Chinese G2’s.

I’d say go for it without reservation. I love mine, and Ill definitely be buying more eventually. Top notch


Yeah, what @TeeJay said! Lol.


@G2_Jake said the Chinese machine shops now have better quality than the US ones he used. Right here on these forums. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

(Joshua) #15

Not sure about the cardboard box, however it was more in reference to your pricing. 140 for an elite, isn’t that more than they sell outright for?

(G2 Jake) #16

I would say made and machines are two different things. The majority of time and money is spent in the USA. We’re just using overseas machining for the majority of our stuff now.

(G2 Jake) #17

Pelican was our case study. The 18 was USA machined and the 19 was Chinese machined. The 18 had a trash rate of over 50 percent. And an A grade rate of just 10.

The 19 has an a grade rate of 90%.

(Joshua) #18

You’re looking for the best possible quality.


Can you get special anodization (beyond solids) done in the US or is that in China too?

(G2 Jake) #20

China ano is catching up. I still prefer USA ano though even with solids.

(Choncworth) #21

Get this man an award or a plaque stating he wins.

But for real,

I’ll take a OD machined old school G2 over this new stuff anyday.

(Joshua) #22

Yes- I dohand Amos for small batches


China or USA… its still a G2! Designed, assembled and tested in the USA.


Me too!

(G2 Jake) #25

But not the new school OD machined G2?

(Choncworth) #26

Havnt had time to check out the VLOGs in a bit. I’m missing a lot of info, bad on me.

But You better believe I’ll be chasing those bad boys down.

That “Life” model… my goodness yes yes.

G2 will always be special to me, you’re (and OD) what sparked my inner kid again.


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