FS/FT: JonRob Genesis, Torrent 2, FHZ, Bully, and JK


Shipping is an additional $6 with confirmation number

JonRob Genesis- Super Amazing. I think I am in love. But I need some spending money for worlds. Very smooth. One side k-pads and then one side clear silicone. Perfect. Verry close to mint, one or maybe two super duper small flatspots. I love it SOO much. $87 :’(

Torrent 2- B-Grade. Very smooth. Bearing is decent. Has 3 or 4 really small white looking marks. Don’t affect play. Hat Pads need breaking in. $70

FHZ- Silicone Recessed. Blank trans green caps. Near mint. Plays nice. $15 Sold to Pivit

Bully- OG #33. Couple marks. K-Pads. Smooth. Great for 5a. $65

JK- Couple small marks. Vibe on grinds. Light. New K-Pads. Taka Gold Bearing. Fun little throw. $35

Only looking for
Cash is key
Juvenile Offender
Skywalker’s are cool


Aaron, is gone for some mysterious reason idk yet. so he told me to bump his post.

(echeung) #5

Pics of the Genesis?


bump for a friend :slight_smile: