FS/FT: JonRob Genesis, Torrent 2, FHZ, Bully, and JK

Shipping is an additional $6 with confirmation number

JonRob Genesis- Super Amazing. I think I am in love. But I need some spending money for worlds. Very smooth. One side k-pads and then one side clear silicone. Perfect. Verry close to mint, one or maybe two super duper small flatspots. I love it SOO much. $87 :’(

Torrent 2- B-Grade. Very smooth. Bearing is decent. Has 3 or 4 really small white looking marks. Don’t affect play. Hat Pads need breaking in. $70

FHZ- Silicone Recessed. Blank trans green caps. Near mint. Plays nice. $15 Sold to Pivit

Bully- OG #33. Couple marks. K-Pads. Smooth. Great for 5a. $65

JK- Couple small marks. Vibe on grinds. Light. New K-Pads. Taka Gold Bearing. Fun little throw. $35

Only looking for
Cash is key
Juvenile Offender
Skywalker’s are cool

Aaron, is gone for some mysterious reason idk yet. so he told me to bump his post.

Pics of the Genesis?

bump for a friend :slight_smile: