FS/FT INSANE PRICE DROPS:Need cash, Will sell in your favor! GOOD THROWS IN HERE

The trade value is not the same as the selling value. I will sell cheap, but not trade cheap
Please no trades unless it is on this list.
Please only offer mint throws. NO YYF

  • Cash
  • Anything mint
  • Stable throws
  • 54
  • Bassline 2
  • Y-Factor
  • ILYY Falcon
  • Hspin Phoenix
  • Oxy Ozone
  • Hspin stuff
  • YYR Stuff

Package deals below everything

Shinwoo Techno 2: one of a kind. An amazing cheap plastic yoyo. It’s nearly on par with the Speeder 2. Plays fast and is surprisingly stable. This thing will seriously impress you. Looks good as well.

Old SuperYo Sonic Spin
This thing is 15 or 16 years old. Novelty item. It’s hilariously fun to play with and looks good with the holographic cap.

Victor Gravitsky ProtoStar: mint. rarely ever used.
$16! obo

Mirror’d Aoda Perfect Storm: Includes Hubstacks and Z-stacks. A very pretty yoyo. Looks amazing when in action in sunlight or at raves. Scratches are accentuated in photos, looks way better IRL.
$25! obo

YYJ Speeder 2: One of the greatest plastics ever made. Fast and stable. No damage

DreamYo Lion 3A marks but pretty dang smooth. You can pick between colors. Insanely stable,.

The mate

Mint RecRev TA-1S Traded to scooter-mcgavin
RecRev Oscillatrix Traded to scooter-mcgavin

YYF Ando Superstar
Greatest thing YYF has made. I like it a lot. Very stable, solid, and the finish is amazing. 100% mint and smooth.

YYJ H3X Traded to anmo

YYJ Phenom Green with gold rings. Only a few teeny marks, no caps. Plays superfast and is quite smooth.

Package deals:
Techno 2 + Sonic Spin + Protostar + Speeder 2

Lion + perfect storm

Superstar + Lion

Superstar + Phenom

You create your own package as well


Rolex Oyster perpetual Datejust watch. Possibly fake. Was given this as an apology by a guy i do not like. It’s just a shiny piece of jewelry.
Offer Whatever

----Trade list (not in order)----
Powder coated Y Factor
Speed Dial
Two Protostars
iPod Nano
Dark magic II
Bad Rep Lite
Metal Drifter
2 C3 Halos
Di Base
Hugo Z Hor
Electric Daisy
3yo3 Bassline
ILYY Falcon
Pair of Unleasheds
YYJ Cerberus
CYYC Manimal
OD 54 red
ILLY Falcon
OD Project 2
Throwdown Luchador
Aoda Littles (sold Locally)
RecRev Freq. Wave
STYY Bandit
YYJ Copperhead
RecRev Oscillatrix
RecRev TA-1S

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