FS/FT: ILYY/Turning Point

Trade interests:
Harrison Hurricane Chief
Pink Galaxy Diver
2018 Sasquatch

Prices for are shipped within the US, but international shipping is available if you’re willing to pay for it. All damage is listed and pictured.

ILYY Fury - 50 - Has two tiny marks in ano on the cup and a small nick near the response groove. Axle also galled slightly in the past, but yoyo still plays well.

ILYY Sakura - 70 - One small mark - comes with a concave and flat L bearing

ILYY Torino - 110 - comes with pouch, as well as both a concave and flat L bearing

ILYY Krapfen - 60 - sold

ILYY AbysmAL - 50

Japan Technology Adel - 40 - sold

Turning Point Ordinal 1 - 120 - One tiny scratch in the ano

Buy any two yoyos and get 10 dollars off the total price



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