looking to buy,

looking for a yo-yo package for around 120-200

Offer please!!!

offer anything!!!

one drop
cool plastics

I’m running low on string as well…

looking to buy a nice package deal, so don’t be afraid to pm what you have for sale!

got a one drop chik for sale if interested let me know pm me

i do have HSPIN pyro and nvx for sale…please email me if interested. zai_0812@yahoo.com.my

Sent a pm!

Sorry for the double post!

Attached is a picture of the package deal!

All of what you see, plus the accessories. (2 bearings, 2 counterweights, yoyo holster, stickers)

String is:
10 Vosun strings
20 Kitty normal
30 Kitty nylon
MFD sample pack

All for 160 plus shipping!

Hey man! I’m selling my CLYW Clear Orca and Civility with string, counterweight, stickers, and boxes for $165, message me back if interested!



I messaged you.