fs/ft, Ilyy Josy Ann,Sharp,PEAK,BVM,09 888,pgm,Counter attack, modded mosquito


Ilyy josy ann, AWESOME, so smooth, offer well.

sharp, piece of crap, if your a modder maybe u can fix it because the bearing is just poop.

PEAK, i dont have it yet but its coming to me thursday, fools gold, OFFER

svz bvm, This thing is sick has 1 big scratch and a couple nicks, offer

09 888, barely sataned rims, 60$

clear blue counter attck, mint, 35$

whip, idk if i want to trade, mosquito modded, if u have weight rings tell me please

Torrent 2
jon bot sasquatch
yellow string
Any other offers

Dont want,
plastics(only crucial delrins i want)


DSI, Mint, baby blue, dosent have the stylest,will come with the simpsons video game, 85$

all orders add 5$ because of shipping.

what is that orange peak-lookalike?

Oh, I see you’re selling the Peak you got?getting from England1414(Britton).
I’ll offer later, but frirst I need to know how much do you want for it?