FS/FT: ILYY 2WEI and CLYW Canvas LF: OD, CLYW, and more

Ok so I got two yoyos here:

ILYY 2WEI: Pearl candy blast. 1/65. Mint w/ pouch. Dead smooth. Really underrated, simply don’t pick it up enough. - $90 shipped

you can read my review on it here: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,101363.msg1078538.html#msg1078538

CLYW Canvas: All gray. One side has CLYW pickaxe logo other side has Jensen Kimmit’s sig. 1/42. Dead smooth and mint w/ box. Not sure if I want it gone, don’t throw it enough. - offer?

pics soon

all yoyos ship w/ priority mail and confirmation

OD Dang: clear soda blast or standard Ed.
OD Dietz
OD original Project
CLYW Chief any except solid black, blue, gold
10YOYO Wet Whistle
Werrd Mystery Meat
New color Werrd Irony

final bump