FS/FT: Igloo, Akita, New Angle

Hello! I’m happy to provide more pictures if needed.
All prices include shipping

$50 Something New Angle: nmtbs
$80 CLYW Akita: 1 ding 1 scratch, pin included
TRADED CLYW Igloo: couple scratches, box included


Interested in:
One Drop Legendary Terrarian
Mowl Q
Mowl Obsession
Anything with pretty colors, especially pink and splashy


I’ll take the peak

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08/19 price drop
08/20 bump
08/21 price drop & bump
08/22 bump

I’m interested in your genesis. Is it mint? And smooth? Do you know what year it is?

Just replied your DM, thanks!

edit: 09/19 bump

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