FS/FT: Gnarwhal, Regulus, One Drop. LF: 54, 54, and a 54.


USA offers only. Prices included shipping. Offer! Thanks! I have more feedback on other forums under the same name.
One Drop 54
PHENOM - Especially the 2010 Nationals PHENOM, I believe the color is orange marble but I’m not sure on the specific name.


MINT CLYW Wolverine Gnarwhal (1 of 12 made)

Near Mint Jazz-Yo REGULUS in red. One tiny nick on one rim from a yoyo coming up and lightly touching it while it was on my belt loop. Super underrated and amazing yoyo. Very fast. $90

Mint One Drop Nickel Plated Y-Factor. Amazing and rare. $100 (rather trade)


Very Near Mint YYF 888x in Violet. There are microscopic scratches on the outer rims from I guess nudging it across my computer desk… I guess that shiny ano is very sensitive. But really they are so small you can hardly see them in the pictures and they are pretty good pictures. $80

Madhouse 5150 blue/orange non bead blasted, a few scuffs from 5a play, lite vibe $40


X-Yo X-Caliber blue/black, great condition, a few scratches, no dings. $25


KEEPING Mint Raw General-Yo Essence pre-production dead smooth, will polish before shipping. $120 (rather trade)
TRADED: Mint SPYY Addiction2 pink/black acid wash $100 (rather trade)
TRADED: Near Mint VsNYYC Sky Walker solid green - has an itty bitty scuff from another yoyo hitting it through my t-shirt while it was on my belt loop. It has a small amount of vibe on the finger, but very smooth on the string. $offer
TRADED: MINT General-Yo Mini Star b+ purple/light purple DXL edition. $45
TRADED: Werrd raw TFL Groovy Lady, great condition super smooth, has a few scratches due to being raw. $50
TRADED [i]Mint Alex B. Peak $100 OBO
*TRADED for a REGULUS!!!*Mint CLYW Rose Gnarwhal (solid pink w/gnarwhal art) $100 (will only trade for Regulus)
SOLDYYF B-grade 888 with two scuffs, lite vibe, I believe it’s an 08’ $40
SOLDYYF DV888 aqua blue, scuffed up player yet it’s still dead smooth… dead smooth $35
SOLD Mint General Yo USA 5*v2 green/dark green $100
NO LONGER FOR TRADESPYY Punchline blue/yellow splash. Near mint, has 3 tiny scuffs from a hardwood floor that didn’t dent or chip away the surface, just smudged the ano, very smooth. $85
NO LONGER FOR TRADEYYF PRIMO near mint green/yellow non grooved, no dings or scuffs on rims, just a few tiny tiny marks near the rim of the response recess, they are smooth to the touch, and don’t cut strings or anything, super super smooth yoyo. $85


BUMP. 5* sold


Gnarwhal traded for exactly what I wanted… A mint Regulus… When does that ever happen eh? nice!


Bump. added pics


bump, added Gnarwhal, changed wants. Took down SPYY PRO

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