FS/FT General-Yo

These are both amazing yoyo’s that play very well.
  CLYW (if Campfire plan to add some money)
  One Drop
  Vs. Newton Yoyo Concepts

First off is the Ministar, this yoyo is fantastic.  I love it but I want to try new yoyos and see what types I like.  The Ministar has one minor scratch (from a fingernail, pictured) and 2 minor scuffs that the camera could barely pick up.  $80 $70 Offer

Secondly, my 09 Pre Production Wasabi.  This was probably my first yoyo that I actually loved, it kept me yoyoing when I couldn’t hit tricks on anything but it.  The candyblast is an awesome surface especially for grinding.  It plays like a dream and is amazing.  It has a few minor scuffs around the rims (worst pictured).  $90 $85 Offer

For more pictures of the Ministar…

Paypal Only
Thanks, Let me know

i like the ministar how much did u want for it

Oh sorry I forgot to put that. I’m looking for about $80 I know thats a lot but I’m really looking to trade it. It’s very negotiable though

Updated prices


Pm’d on wasabi

Bump. Ministar pending

Wasabi pending