FS/FT: G-Squared /G2: Campaign (Heroic & Legendary) | OD: Valor

Hey all!
I am currently cleaning out my case / shelves of things I don’t play with or am not super into anymore. Everything that’s currently available is listed below. I will periodically update the post with new things, so keep an eye on it!! If you have any questions or would like more / better photographs or anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

Prices and trades are always negotiable within reason.
What I want
:heavy_dollar_sign: Cash is king (Paypal / Cashapp. I will also accept cash if it’s included in a trade) Really prefer cash over trades but will entertain all options.

Trade Interests

Brand YoYo of Interest - - -
PDX Batsquatch Swamp Monster
Radical Seas Satyr (HG edition only)
The Good Life Mantra (Goon edt. only)
Recess Vacation Weekend Charm Quiz
Freshly Dirty Moldy Bread Stale Bread Untitled 2020 Cardboard Steamboat
YoYoWorkshop Cthulhu
One Drop Vtwo Valor (want a different color) Cabal Sugar Glider
YoYoFactory 401k PPK 888 (OG)
Unspoken Murmur Decoy

What I got

G Squared - Campaign “Legendary” - $70 - Shipped!
This is the heaviest version of all of the campaigns that were produced. It’s pretty awesome and plays extremely well on the string, it’s just a tad too heavy for my liking. I prefer the heroic edition a little bit more. Fantastic like new shape. It was thrown a handful of times and shelved. Perfect condition.

Comes with - Koozie, box & Pin.


G Squared - Campaign “Heroic” - $70 - Shipped!
This is the mid-weight version of the campaign. It’s a fantastic all around throw. May be my favorite of the whole line. It’s in fantastic condition, no nicks or scratches. Very lightly played. -

Comes With - Koozie, Box & Pin.


One Drop - Valor in Red - $75 - Shipped!
I am a little reluctant to put this one up for grabs. I absolutely love this thing but holiday funds are tight this year. It’s in fantastic shape, wicked smooth on the string. No dings or scratches. Would trade straight up for a Saturday market version LOL! :yum: (i can dream right?)

Comes with - Box & YoYo


Prices adjusted a bit.


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Reaper = gone!

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Bubble gum, yum yum.

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Both campaigns still available. Valor is pending.

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