Starting this off CASH ONLY. Prices are listed or best offer. No extreme lowballs please. Sorry for the cell phone quality pic. Nothing I can do about it since someone broke in and stole my camera/laptop and left me needing some quick cash to buy a new laptop.

Sleipnir(OFFER:Anodized by Jason Wong)-Hulf Smash Puffin($100)-Pink w/ Black Speckle Arctic Circle($100)
Peak(OFFER)-Blue w/ Silver Splash Avalanche(OFFER:Anodized by Jason Wong)-Ink Pot Chief($100)-Brown Chief($100)

Sorry mods accidental bump.

Does the peak or any of these throws have the box?

Shame on you for not responding to PMs.

Totally rude.

Would you respond to my PM please? I’m really interested in that Peak…

Calm down guys… He said someone stole his laptop, this may have been the only Internet access he had.

Haha I wasn’t complaining, just asking for him to respond. That sucks that someone stole his laptop. Thanks for the info!

Bah humbug, dude’s been online plenty. Perhaps whatever device he is using is missing the keys n o t h a n k s, which is all I needed to hear. But I doubt that! #noexcuse

Moving on… lemons (a nice Peak but no communication) to lemonade (YYR mystery box). I’m good now.

I’ve been responding to everyone on my phone. Almost 7 pages of PM’s in 2 days now so sorry if I didn’t respond to everyone. Either way peak, e=mc2, and brown chief gone.