FS/FT Few and Far Between

Mint Elysium Earth and Mars with a ton of extras. The finish on these are phenomenal and play like a speedy MCMO. Letting them go as a pair.

$100 Shipped CONUS


This throw is criminally underrated imo. If you like organics (especially with a modern competition style twist)… if you like stuff designed by @hobbygod… if you like 7068… you want a throw with an awesome finish etc. this is a fantastic choice. Free bump as I already have one :pinched_fingers:


Completely agree! These surprise me every time I pick them up. Such a fun throw.

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Thank you guys for the kind words! This was our first throw and we love the way it played! It may make a comeback soon with some tweaks!

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This was my favorite yoyo for soooo long. This is an incredible deal and whoever get’s these is lucky tbh.


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