FS/FT Energy by Barco, Yomega Blazer

Hey… i have a yomega blazer. Minor vibe on grinds, smooth and heavy on string. Damage is shown.

I am looking for 45 shipped. USD.

Next up, my Energy. Just got back from being satined, so you get a fresh satin. I will use some polishing compound and really make her shine if you want. Vibe on grinds, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l throw.
Set up with 1 kentaro and some weird rubber pad. Center-Trac.

Damage is shown… Smooth on the string. Heavy on the string too, haha.
Looking for 70 shipped or trade.

Offer up on trades. I would preferably sell, but if you must, offer up.

ben im cant help you on yyn i tried sorry anything else to trade woith c13 besides yomega we can throw in pgm2 if you have better throw maybe even another plastic

Would you trade a mint Maverick for it? Maybe I could throw something else in, I’m not sure.

No thanks, and Ape, I PM’ed you.^^

The Energy looks cool.

It looks beautiful while spinning and plays amazing too - even with the vibe. Pm me if you want to buy it!