FS/ Ft Drifter PGM FHZ

Metal Drifter- black w/ one mark, slight vibe (shipped responsive or unresponive, whichever you prefer) $12
PGM- Full white, lots of ink marks from hitting rails and stuff, hubstacks working perfectly $24
FHZ- red with blue cap, shipped stock, or unresponsive, mint. $14

I do not accept pay pal, and all prices are VERY negotiable.

wants: counter attack, throw monkey(newest version), $$$

just wondering, if not paypal, what do you accept?
and can you post some pics?

well, im new to this whole BST thing so i guess i can just accept cash, and sure ill post pics. i also have a dv888 with a couple scrathces if youre interested.

$12 dolars for the drifter i might buy it write me back