bst will trade anything in my bst for a ipod touch

i have a mint duncan metal drifter looking for a northstar

I got a nqp 54 for trade for a clyw or something on my wants list

NQP 54 half blue half orange 2 scuffs very small offer so smooth looks awesome NQP due to some small ano flaws i would like 75 for it shipped  other stuff on mys bst still offer

a slightly scratched occasionaly on the edges of the rims but still extremely smooth yyj x-convict
(Yellow plastic, has a OD ten ball), 28 for it shipped

A String theory B- grade, slightly scratched on one spot, still smooth Singularity.55 shipped

I also Have a Werrd 4XL, I could include the stacks and beraings, if you would prefer a floaty yo-yo.  It has some scratches,
still smooth with two General Yo AIGR beaings (clean and de-shielded), since it has to be beefcaked.  offer
and a duncan p

  • styy polease
    -Wooly Marmot
    -(Galactic Goose)
    -Bear vs. Man
    -SPLIT D!!
    -code 2
    -moneyurple metal drifter mint looking for a northstar for it


how much for the mighty flea ? 2010?

i have a 2nd gen ipod touch 32g, but its in poor condition. Big crack and sound is failing out. would you still want it. I havent been in the mood to fix it but it would be like a $20 fix.