FS/FT: Dressel Designs/Atmos Projects/OD/More

Hello fine people of the BST! I’ve decided to thin out the collection and this is what I want to get rid of. Everything is used but NMBTS unless stated otherwise. I’d rather trade than sell, and I’m more than willing to bundle items for stuff on the list below. Any YoYo pictured with the box will include it. Feel free to send any and all offers my way!

Trade wants:

OD Sugar Glider
OD Panorama
OD x CLYW Summit
CLYW Otter
CLYW Manatee
CLYW Puffin 3
A-RT Grail
A-RT Dale
Freshly Dirty Rooster
PDX-YO Batsquatch
G2 Banshee
Mk1 umbra
Jake Bullock Dunk

My Stuff:

Atmos Projects Goji-GONE

Dressel designs assassin-GONE

Mk1 Exia-$70

Ben McChesney Treeline shadow edition (1 of 10)-$60-several marks (pictured below) that don’t affect play

Unspoken mystic-$45-tiny bit of fingernail vibe

OD Silhouette-$30 or $20 as an add on-several scrapes (pictured below) and some vibe

iYoyo iceberg (og)-$40 or $25 as an add on

YYF shutter-$30 or $15 as an add on

UNPRLD antidote-GONE



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