FS/FT: Custom One Drop Cosmic Galaxy 54 | Freshly Dirty: Dyed Mod44 Shells | Recess: Joyride | RAZER Anzu Bluetooth smartglasses

The bearing was colored via a heat treatment so it plays like any regular bearing would it’s just fancy looking :grinning: I left the bearing seat raw in hopes of not creating too much friction. The paint would make the tolerances too tight and it would probably affect the spin too much.

That makes way more sense than paint :man_facepalming:


:cookie: cooookies :cookie:

Post updated to include Razer Anzu smart glasses… See first post for details. Trade interest list also added. I am opening the thread up to trades now as well as cash offers.

:sunglasses: post updated :nerd_face:

Made some adjustments… to my PANTS! (and prices) so that I may dance the good time dance.

a :sunglasses: :+1:

Pizza night tonight! Aw yeah!

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Fri-zzzzzzzz day zzzzzz

Amazing paint job on the 54. And I don’t care that you don’t like the size; you must keep those painted rims for the Mod44. They’re perfect!

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Don’t forget I accept offers. If the price isn’t right, give an offer.

some prices adjusted

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All prices reduced. 54 is now $125, Joyride $20, Mod44 shells $12 for white & $15 for dyed. Gaming glasses reduced to $95 Everything includes shipping factored into the price.

There ya go.

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Thinking the 54 will hit ebay soon if anyone is still interested in it. :+1: