FS/FT Cerberus, G5++, Supernova, and more! Take a look!

Only wants are CASH, TP or YYR.

Black G5++. Damage on rims. 1 of 10. vibes a bit, but super rare YYF.

FHZ. One ding. Siliconed and tuned. fantastic.

YYJ Cerberus. Mint. Unreleased. The greatest Bimetal ever made. Will take a fantastic offer on this.

Supernova Lite. One TINY flatspot. uber smooth. fantastic color and player.

B-grade 888. Dead smooth. no clue why B-grade. Awesome throw.

Thats all for now.


90 for the g5++ and 888 and is the 888 the OG/07 888?