FS/FT Avante Garde,Grind Machine 2 (Metal),Meteor & more

Hi guys, so i haven’t had a new throw in awhile and im looking for something cool to try out. And im looking to sell, rly want a 3rd gen Ipod touch.


YYF 09 Severe GM2 Super G Genesis Supernova Cool Superstars Superwide 09 888 Primo
YYJ Phenom Fiesta Eqinox GO BIG!! Chaser OG Dark Magic ENEME (Karma for a good deal)
Anti Yo Bape Eetsit YWet Business Dri Wet?
Crucial Heavy Cream Milk
Caribou Lodge Peak Marmot? Gnarwhal? CHIEF! Ava! BVM?
One Drop Code 1 Project Fade P2’s
Chico Heavy Hitter
Vs Newton Sky/Ti Walker Battosai
String Thereoy Remnant
C3 H5
General Yo Hatrick!
Dont NOT want
CLYW Canvas and Campfire - I absouletly hate them both Canvas just has a weird feeling and the campfire is way to small
888x - to small and i dont like em
YYR Dreadnought - I will except dreadnought G i just like Gs better because their heavier
any chico or string theroy on the list is the only things of that brand i want
Project 2’s except the fades or Special editions
No Monkeyfingers!
NO METAL ADEGLES! i will only except PSG


Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71135699@N03

Dont be afraid to offer stuff thats not on there. Im always interested in B grades and big throws. a DNA would also be cool. The only run of the 888 i will except is a 09. FHZ’s r cool too:)

Avante Garde - Its Clear Ano. it has like 1 scrape type thing and 1 flatspot. it has a lil vibe ( prob cause of bearing) very fun and amazing yoy to have! $85

Grind Machine 2 - This is one of the most rarest YYF’s i know of. Its the blue limited ed. Sad thing is it has satined rim and sides:/ has like maybe 4 scuffs and a small ding i think… tiny vibe has been tuned and teflon taped. Great classic throw! TRADE ONLY

G5+ the one wit the broken stack post lol so ya held together by PGM stack post like half satined rims. kinda beat even though it plays smoother than my old Near Mint one.$20

Meteor - No caps Black has tons of scuffs around the rims plays amazing for 5a light fast an fun YYJ $45

Speeder - This is a first run. black no caps but completely Mint! plays very good. for someone whos likes old YYJ bi metals come and get this!$25

Magic Yo

N9- Its Blue with like a greenish yellowish speckle/splash. 1 super small scuff tiny vibeOFFER


Walking Dead FH2 - Trans red. MINT. has the mummy on caps. pad recessed to take YYF Broad Pads. Great Throw $20 Shipped. IK a lil high but i love it to death.

Light Up FHZ - Trans Blue and Mint. Stock beside changed bearing. Most likely not gettin rid of. But if i get an amazing offer ill consider. (Does NOT! come wit light up dice!) Not puttin a price on this.

Thx, Brad

Would do 39 dont get mad just trying to make offer
Ow i got a shinwoo hi power zen no dings scuffs or any thing it comes with box and other things vgive me a messege i u whant to trade