Fs/ft a-rt, clyw, basecamp, yyf

Hello All!

I would like to offer up some of the throws I have that I do not use too much for trade or sale, I have been out of the loop for a while, so I do not know prices or any of that, so shoot me an offer!

Wants list:
Bi-Metal throws
American Made throws
Fun/Interesting throws
Offers (even if its not listed here, feel free to send an offer!)

Caribou Lodge Sasquatch, don’t know the year or colorway, it is Fools Gold, has the very tiniest amount of nail vibe.

Basecamp Sherpa, Black, Mint, smooth, no box.

Basecamp Navigator, Teal, Mint, smooth, no box.

YYF MVP 3, Red/Black, mint, smooth, no box.

Trade only unless great offer A-RT DoorKnob, baby blue, mint, smooth, with pouch & extra bearing and axle.

Shoot me a pm if you have any questions, I’m in US!
Have a good one,



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