FS/FT a few goodies.

(Jeromy K.) #1

It is time to clear out a few things, so here it goes.
I am keeping the Hatrick Sorry
1st is a No-Jive one red scuff I got it this way.

2nd Sensa Noma one scoff and a few shiny spots, it is still dead smooth

3rd Alph Scuffed ans scratched still smooth and a good throw

4th A MIP Apollo fixed axle Butterfly shaped.

I also have a few CW and 3 AIRG Bearings New.


What do you want for the Senza Nome, How abouta Maverick with 1 o-ring and on stock pad as the response, Its really smooth and underated. Or cash


For the senza gnome I have a rim satined maverick w/ 2 orings instead of the crappy stock response. I will throw in some cash too. PM me!


how much for the hatrick


How about a Camp Fire and maybe somthing else for the Hatrick.


What a cowinkydink! I was just talkin about your yoyo on YYN. Hot little yoyo you got there. Trade you a mint, unreleased colorway, no engraving, large bearing Genesis for it.


Interested in the No-Jive. How much are you asking?

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