FS: free international shipping until the end of the year!

Hello, selling the remaining throws I have as I’m no longer in the hobby.
Add $15 for shipping as I’m not based in US.
Prices are in Paypal F&F and are negotiable. For G&S pls cover fees. Will take Revolut too.
Here’s my feedback thread: Feedback for Niki
Happy to answer any questions and provide close ups. (Apologies if I don’t respond quickly…)

Role 1:
Coro Co Diesis, mint, string vibe, $200
RSO The End Part II, MIB, smooth, SOLD
CLYW Peak 2, mint, little fingernail vibe, $500
Duncan FH1 Ti, MIB, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
Duncan AL, MIB, smooth, $50
Duncan FH1 AL, NMIB, little string vibe, $50
YYR Seventh Heaven, MIB, little fingernail vibe, $1250

Role 2:
2Sick Crusade, NMIB, smooth, $100
SF Cadence, MIB, smooth, $120
YoyoPalace Answer, MIB, little fingernail vibe, $90
SF PLSTC, NM, smooth, $80
Iyoyo Barbarian, MIB, smooth, SOLD
GodTricks Orion, NMIB, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
Iyoyo Titanic, mint, smooth, $200

Role 3:
At Design MoNo 54.5mm, mint, smooth, $150
At Design MONO 56.5mm, mint, smooth, $120
At Design Mono 52.5mm, mint, smooth, $120
At Design mono 50mm, mint, little fingernail vibe, $80
At Design Mono Proto, mint, little fingernail vibe, $80
One Drop Kamuraiju, NMIB, little finger nail vibe, SOLD
Iyoyo Titanic, NM, slight fingernail vibe, $140

Role 4:
YJ Chimera, NM, little fingernail vibe, SOLD
TP Colony, few handling marks, little string vibe, $250
TP Isotope 2, few handling marks, little fingernail vibe, $200
YYR Draupnir Proto, handling marks, string vibe, SOLD
Mowl Surveil, NM, little fingernail vibe, $50
Mowl Surveillance 7075, MIB, smooth, $150
Mowl Surveillance 6061, NM one prick, smooth $150

Strings and Pads:

Project 44 Rayon-Poly White, standard thickness, coar-tex, $30
Project 44 Poly-Nylon Purple or Violet, standard thickness, coar-tex, $20
Standard 19mm Pads 30 pairs for $20 (have lotsss in stock)
(Have around 2 packs for each strings and plenty of pads. Happy to do 50 string bundles or any amount of pads u want)



Wtf peak 2 500$???


I think he means 2nd run peak

It’s the failure is unknown edition, 25 of those were made and bought for 550 last year (excluding shipping) :sweat_smile:

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sorry to burst your financial bubble but …

its still a peak 2. they dont command the high price of the orginial

no worries, all prices above are obo just saying :slight_smile:

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It depends, I have seen it’s sold 2 sold at 550 and 600 MIB before and 350 for a ding one, also it’s rarely pop up in market. Some buyers can be lucky by having sellers sold cheap due to financial reason. Still, price is quite subjective topic.
But I know @Niki aka monothrows (via IG) used to be quite of a collector so I think he know what’s up


Ah you must not be familiar with this edition or at least what they sell for. Ive seen that exact colorway sell for $550 and another for $600. It is the ONLY peak 2 ive seen with a price tag close to the orginals.

Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:



Is the draupnir proto still available?


@TheBasileus Dm’ed