FS: February 2021

Hey hey,
It was about time for a case clean up! I like to negotiate so feel free to make offers if you want. I am located in Germany, prices include PP fees but not shipping. DHL provides a lot of ways of shipping (insurance, express, and so on) so we can fix this to your liking. PM if you are interested.
Thanks for looking and have an awesome day

Picture for attention (does not necessarily reflect currently available throws)






Bump 19. Dec 2020

How much are you asking for the noctu and the wedge?

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Click on the Air Table link…

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Bump 21. Dec 2020

What year is the 888

2009 or 2010

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I believe that’s an 888x which is 2010.



The purple one was 2009

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Bump 3. Jan 2021

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Update January 2021

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Bump 27. Jan 2021


Hey there, may I DM you for your Marco, Kui, Blade, and 888? I’ll probably be able to buy it early next month! :slight_smile:

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Sure just message when ur ready.

Bump 30. Jan 2021

I’m nearly getting the money to be able to pay you in February! I’ll try to get it to you ASAP, and take a look out for your other throws. Thanks again for setting it aside for me <3.

Hey @Vet,
Please PM if you you wanna make out details on a deal. Also if you wanna ask me if I can set things aside for you please PM me with details on which throws and for how long thx

Bump 25. Feb 2021