FS: Draupnir, C3 Trident, SPYY Belt Buckle, Hour, Diffusion

edit: ALL $OLD!!!

100 shipped.

Package Deal involving remaining TRIDENT, HOUR, and other stuff described below.
\ /


For $100 Shipped, you get:
• C3 Trident (pink, like new)
• Werrd Hour (sanded rims)
• YYF Flight (blue/orange, no damage)
• YYF Die-Nasty (glow, no damage)
• TMBR Turner (maple with padauk caps)
• Pack of StringLab Island Escape (and a pocketknife to shorten it with)
• Sweet Paracord Holder
• Exuberant High-5-Bro-Hugs Upon Our Next 12 Meetings*

(Do the math, it’s a good deal.)

I’ll find a cool woody to throw in as well.

bump. still here. that’s 5 yo-yo’s for $100, one of which alone is certainly worth over that (and the other 4 are radical players).


btw, the aforementioned “cool woody” i will throw in has been identified as a TMBR Turner.
(so that’s a mint Trident, a smooth Hour, a Flight, a Die-Nasty, and a Tuner, plus that other stuff for $100 shipped… in case we weren’t clear on the score."

still available. still $100 shipped. still a really good deal.