FS: Done for now!

I’m new to this forum and would like to offer some of my throws. Since I’m from Germany I’m normaly active at the Yoyozee- or ILYY Forum (links below). Please feel free to check my feedbacks there :wink: If you’re interested in my stuff, I’ll send you detailed pictures on request. Shipping from Germany as registered post with tracking costs 6 €. Paypal only! No trades please.

Thanks for looking[/i] :smiley:


for sale / for trade

Onedrop Code2 Nautilus
Silver with light blue/dark blue splashes. Almost mint and with box.
Comes with grey Side Effects.
Detailed pics of the Code2.
– SOLD –

C3 Yoyodesign Berserker RX
Green/silver acid wash. Mint with box. Red silicone response but I also have
the original pads
Detailed pictures of the Berserker RX.
– SOLD –

Radical Seas Set Sail
Clear colorway. Mint in box and deadsmooth. – TRADED – Gone to the US!

General-Yo 5Star
Purple/green. Has a ding and some kind of ano flaw on the green half.
Response: a Ghost-pad & a Dif-pad. Dif-e-yo KK bearing
– SOLD – Gone to the US!


:: YYR Sleipnir
:: YYR Overdrive
:: Onedrop Burnside
:: Code2
:: Code2 GZR !!
:: C3 Gungnir !!
:: C3 Electric Flash
:: C3 Krown
:: Turning Point Paranoid
:: Turning Point Positron 1&2
:: Turning Point Solenoid
:: CLYW Sasquatch
:: KING SPIN Chronicle

Albatross pending.

Black blasted C3 Mo-Vitation added.

Black Mo-Vitation sold.

Albatross and N9 sold.

Berserker RX, Summit added.

CLYW Bassalope “Caribou Queen” added.

Bassalope sold.

Summit sold.

Lowered prices.

Bump. Detailed pictures added.

Lower prices.

Berserker RX sold.

Gelada sold.