FS: Custom Painted STYY Quark SICKKKKK paint job, vsNewton Battosai

Hi - for sale, please no trades. Paypal is preferred.

Custom Painted String Theory Quark

I think this is an underrated yo-yo. Comes with the terrapin treated 10-ball. Awesome bearing. Custom painted - neon orange and metallic teal cup with white splash. Asking $80 shipped in the US.

click on picture for more shots of it.

Vs Newton Battosai
I have 2 of these right now, and I am reluctantly selling this one. Dropped price to $70 shipped in the US. Add $10 for most anywhere else overseas. Almost mint - pinpricks available in picasa album (click smaller picture for a link to my album.) Barely used, in fantastic shape, dead smooth.

Click THIS pic for a link to my picasa album. Thanks!!!

Hi everyone - at this point, I need dough in my paypal account. If you have any interest, please make an offer of cash only.

Sharp is gone…

New as of today…

Free bump. I’m really tempted by the Battosai, but unable to commit right now. I’ll check back in a week or so.

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Thanks. I will keep it up here as long as I have it.