FS: CLYW MIB Chiefs, Scout, Summit, Orca, Bonfire, Avalanche, etc. UPDATE NEW $$


All these throws are in very great condition and have been taken care of very well. The following link is to my photo bucket with the listed yoyos (and the custom case I store them in). Feel free to send me a message on here and all prices are OBO as well.

This is the current list of yoyos

CLYW Scout (Matsuri Fade) w/ box $140  $110

CLYW Orca (Ashberry) w/ box $140 $110

CLYW Bonfire (Zip Zap Rap) w/ box $140 $110

CLYW Chief (Dirty Sunset) w/ box $140 $110

CLYW Avalanche (Blue Thistle) w/ box $115 $100

CLYW Summit (Analog Berry) w/ box $100 $95

In the photos provided in the link above, it’s hard to tell what the are throws are but they are a YYF CZM8, YYF Shutter, CLYW black & white chief, CLYW Hulk Smash Chief, CLYW 28 stories Wooly Marmot 2, CLYW Intergalactic Hulk Smash Puffin 1, CLYW Gnarwhal 2 Jack Rabbit, One Drop 54 YYE colorway, TMBR Moxon, and some other TMBR.


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