FS: CLYW, ELYSIUM, half swap panorama OD

honestly, dm me offers, ill negotiate fair prices- everything is mint, the Elysium is a 1/2 half swap in a “bape” pattern- I like to call it earthbound explorer, the Borealis is also mint- Clearview station blizzard


trades, im interested in other clyw stuff, panoramas, parlays, sudos stuff like that

bump - gnarwhal is gone


Bump panorama added! Just want retail +shipping, mint new half swap 80$ + fees or 80$ FF


Hey man….Rock here…. Hope you’ve been doing well!? I’ve been watching your Elysium with half swap colors……my offer is a 2014 A grade CLYW’s Sasquatch in grey & purple splash…?
Take a look

Just let me know…. What you think?


hey friend, love that colorway but not a huge fan of the sasquatch myself! appreciate the offer though


I have a raw Igloo too….?

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Also something I’m not really into, really only play with organics at this point in the hobby! Thank you though :pray:t3:

Bump bump - half swapped pano mint , elysium mint

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Bump! Happy Easter

Still have borealis?

bump! need some money for going back to school so looking to move these

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bump bump bump

U.S shipping add 5$ - PayPal friends and family or add for Paypal fees
borealis 100
elysium 85
pano 80

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bump :slight_smile:


elysium 85

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all throws have pending sales. will update

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